my recommendation for you, if you need astronomical instruments!
our main telescope - the Meade LXD55 10"
(d=254mm , f=1016mm , f/4)
our Widefield reftactor from Skywatcher
(d=120mm , f=600mm , f/5)
my mobile telescope - Meade ETX-70
(d=70mm , f=350mm , f/5)
eyepeace case - incl. 2 modded Philips
ToUCams, about 20 eyepeaces (including 
1x 32mm und 50mm each 2 Zoll), a 0,5x focal-
reducer, a Meade 2x Barlow, a Meade 3x
Barlow, a TeleVue 5x Barlow-Lens and my 
filter collection including:
6 colorfilter, Skyglow, IR-UV-Cut, IR-Pass,
contrast-booster, 45nm H-Alpha, 13nm O-III,
13nm S-II und 13nm H-Alpha last 4 from
Astronomik (refering in links-page)
my first old refractor - found on the
garbage... (d=60mm , f=700mmm , f/11,7)
the beginning of all :-)
the image processing center
my second telescope - eeeh... 
the main teleskop of the Observatory
Nürnberg, i mean... :-)
(d=600mm f=6000mm f/10)